Make March Mindful

Our desire is to ensure that each class brings more mindfulness to your day, your workout and your lifestyle. From cycle to meditation we know that most people understand that Energy Flows where Attention Goes, so we try to bring that to life in each of our classes.

Every class in our studios begins with an intention ritual. Setting an intention can help drive focus and benefit to your hour of movement and for many, can set the scene for a more powerful transformation. Our instructors are here to guide you to a place of harmony both inside and outside of your body and no matter the intensity, the intention ritual sets the scene for what is to come for you.

With many of our classes being held in a heated environment, your transformation relies on your intention and presence on your mat and in the class. Most would agree, when participating in a fusion class, there is no room to be dreaming of what your next meal will be, so give yourself permission to show up fully and completely – it may be tough but worth it.

We believe that gratitude is a key component to living a healthy life in body, mind and soul which is why each class finishes with a small gratitude moment; for yourself, for your space and for the others that you share the class with.

To encourage and celebrate a more Mindful March – we invite you to try our Mindful Triathlon. Complete a Yoga, Fusion and Cycle class within 7 days and enter your name with our team at reception to WIN a TotalFusion Voucher for $250 . The mindful triathlon is open to members and non-members for the Month of March.

Non-members can register their details for their 3 visit pass here:

Members can register their details for the Mindful Triathlon here

Simply get started in March and book into your classes via the app or reception. Ensure that you let the team know when you have completed all 3 classes within 7 days of each other and you will go into the draw to WIN.

We look forward to seeing you on the bike and your mat and would love to hear your stories on how you are making your March more Mindful.


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