Want to learn how to teach using the TotalFusion method and get certified?

Or do you love our workouts so much that you want to gain a deeper insight into our method and innovative style? Or you want to know how to coach others or yourself during your workout using performance mantras?

We are so excited to finally announce the arrival of our new National Program Directors Eddie Guerra & Rachel Hall, the co-creators of the Hot Pilates and Barefoot Bootcamp training systems and leaders of the Fusion Fitness industry in the USA. After running one of LA’s most prestigious and talked about fitness studios they both bring a wealth of experience to our team and we can’t wait to unveil what they will be working on!

In March, we’re hosting our first 50 hr. Hot Pilates Teacher Training Certification at TotalFusion Mt. Gravatt.

Here’s all the info you need!

When is it?

It is important that if you are committing to the training and want to be certified through us that you attend all of the Level 1 sessions. The six required sessions dated for this certification are the following:

Friday 1st March 12 pm – 4 pm
Saturday 2nd March 10:30 am – 6:30pm
Sunday 3rd March 9 am – 5 pm

Friday 8th March 12 pm – 4 pm
Saturday 9th March 10:30 am – 6:30 pm
Sunday 10th March 9 am – 5 pm

If you cannot make one day, please let us know if you are interested and we will discuss the possibility of inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

Who is certifying?

    • Eddie Guerra, co-creator of the Hot Pilates and Barefoot Bootcamp System. Master Bootcamp, Kettlebell, and Pilates instructor. Former Studio Director of Los Angeles’ first multi-modality studio. He completed his Mat Pilates education under Dolly Kelepecz, who learned from Eve Gentry, one of Joseph Pilates’ Elders. He helped to develop and brand one of Hollywood’s most talked about fusion fitness workouts. Now he is here in Australia and ready to bring the thunder! Follow @Barefootbootcampbro to learn more!
    • Rachel Hall, co-creator of the Hot Pilates and Barefoot Bootcamp System, and Fitness Director/Master Instructor. Master Pilates, Bootcamp, and Kettlebell instructor. She received her BFA in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, had a total hip replacement due to dance injuries and then completely healed herself using Hot Pilates. Her background in dance and love of movement inspired her to create specialty fusion classes including Abs, Buns and Guns, Hot n Dirty Pilates, Hot Booty Yoga, and Hot Booty Barre. She has helped to develop the most innovative Pilates system in Los Angeles. Follow @Hotpilateschick to see more tips and tricks.

They teach the most comprehensive Pilates certification in town.
“Our teachers learn in an open-minded environment that empowers them to be leaders via action.”


You Will Learn To

  • Integrate the TotalFusion teaching method
  • Become more familiar with the Pilates method, including Pre Pilates, Mat 1, Mat 2
  • Learn how to structure and sequence a class
  • Acquire the technical foundation to properly instruct students
  • Add greater depth to your movement by learning the Pilates drills
  • Understand HIIT (high-intensity interval training) Tabata, circuit training and its importance
  • Put yourself and students into a state of flow AKA the zone
  • Work with real bodies physically and read the energy of the room
  • Take command of the class to bring out their best
  • Give precise cuing, modifications, regressions, and progressions
  • Move students from simple to complex movement by understanding how people learn
  • Increase your competence which will increase your teaching and speaking confidence
  • Bring yourself into the room and teach from an authentic place
  • Learn a Total “flow” sequence that you can use to teach group classes


Hot Pilates Teacher Training


  • Take as many Hot Pilates, Barefoot Bootcamp and Yoga classes as possible
  • Watch the training tutorial videos on our Instagram page
  • Research the history of Joseph Pilates

What is Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates originated in Las Vegas, Nevada  2011 when it was discovered that the addition of the heat made for a stronger mind/body connection, which is a principle derived from Hot yoga. The benefits of Pilates still remained the same; stronger core, better posture, and improved health. However, the heat added an additional element of challenge, both cardiovascular and mentally, it quickly rose in popularity.

Another added benefit of the heat was increased mobility, which led to higher quality movement and better physical results among the students. Heat essentially liquefies the connective tissue/fascia making it much easier to create synovial fluid in the body and less likelihood of pulling a muscle. Instructors loved it because they could now take the classic mat Pilates premise of core strength, symmetry and mind-body connections to new heights. A Hot Pilates class includes classic mat Pilates, but it also includes lunges, HIIT training, yoga, cardio, etc. The idea was to infuse different movements while keeping the Pilates adage of quality over quantity. This makes for a much more dynamic class and brings Pilates to a new generation of fitness enthusiasts.

Why Hot Pilates?

The Pilates Method focuses on the mind, body connection and works to merge those mental and physical processes.  This system is used not only to build strength and fitness but also to support the human body in its daily functions and activities.  Pilates assists with repairing injuries, balancing posture, building strength, eliminating pain and preventing re-injury.  For athletes, Pilates works to create more efficiency in the body and improves control, coordination, and endurance.

Hot Pilates builds upon the theory of the mind, body, and breath connection with the addition of cardio, bodyweight drills and counter postures to decompress the body as you continue to work out. The addition of the heat becomes a physical and mental enhancement to the practice, the heat allows for greater mobility in the body and encourages the necessary mental fortitude needed to get through a hot workout.

The Training

Their proven system will teach you the absolute essentials on how to get in the best shape of your life that include: powerful posture, sleek movement, and result driven technique.  They will also teach you why using heat to eliminate fat while gaining lean muscle was sought after by all of Hollywood’s hottest actors while they were in Hollywood.  You will get one on one coaching from these master instructors along with how to produce an optimal performance in every class.

The Classes

Have you ever heard that someone was born to do something?  With over 3,000 classes taught combined, Eddie Guerra and Rachel Hall have developed a method that allows everyone from beginner to advanced feel welcomed and challenged throughout a class.  You will get real results while learning and having fun!

Benefits of a TotalFusion Hot Pilates Certification

The creators of the TotalFusion Hot Pilates system invite you to a 50-hour certification that will provide you with the technique and teachings tool necessary to thrive in your market.  You will get one on one coaching with master instructors. Meet and work with other teachers in your field. Receive hands-on practice teaching to groups of students. We will also give you the secret of success to become a dynamic instructor that include how to use preparation poses, counter poses, transitional poses, and peak poses so that you become a teacher that can flow from one drill to the next.

Our proven system will also teach you what the absolute essentials are for being a fusion style instructor that include voice, eye contact, body language, and use of space in a fun creative way that brings out the best in you. We will also teach you the highly successful secondary tools that can bring your teaching skills from good to great, these include music and metaphor, presence, cueing and story.

Throughout the training you will be doing clinical hours, taking Pilates classes, teaching segments in a real class setting, and co-teaching in a full class once all the tests have been passed.  This training is approved by Australia Fitness network and you can enroll through us to receive your BaseGX certification which enables you to teach Hot Pilates at all TotalFusion studios.  There will be AUDITIONS to be put onto the sub list and/or teaching schedule at the studio, audition time TBC.

How Do I Sign Up?

Secure your spot today with a $350 deposit today as we do plan to sell this training out!   Early bird special is $999, regular price is $1,200.  The early bird deadline is on February 15th. The remaining payment is due on the first weekend of training.  Lock down your spot by clicking on the link below or calling TotalFusion 07 3539 9999.


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