Getting sweaty: why heated training pays off

Scrap the sweat stigma – heated workouts are proving to be better for us! Don’t be afraid of a little sweat, your results could be revolutionary.

It’s getting hot in here, and we should all be thrilled – researchers have found that incorporating heat in exercise is more beneficial for athletic performance. In particular – besides getting really sweaty – athletes will experience an increase in blood plasma volume, a reduction in overall core temperature, and an increase in skeletal muscle force.

In other words, getting a bit hot under the collar is going to lead to better results in the long-run.

Let’s run down our top 3 sweaty benefits of hot workouts

1. You’ll burn more calories
Need to burn off your weekend cheat meal? Researchers suggest that the hotter it is, the harder our hearts work, meaning that more calories are burnt during heated workouts. Talk about killing two birds with one stone – turn up that heat pronto.

2. It stimulates the mind
Nobody likes a dull, mindless workout, so the good news is that heated exercise actually stimulates the mind as well as the body. The rise in temperature requires more focus from your brain, requiring a higher level of mental activity than a regular workout – meaning you won’t even get a chance to think about the stress of your day.

3. There are elemental benefits
It’s hard to believe, but exercising in heat actually has elemental benefits. From detoxifying your body, improving your skin appearance, and improving your digestion, there are plenty of things going on under the surface.

It’s pretty clear that in this case, getting a bit red in the face is totally worth it – so what are you waiting for? Give a heated class a try, get sweaty, and discover a new way to challenge and refine your body.


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