Imagine a world where movement reigns, where the body and mind can align and where stretch and strength are equals.

This is our world, a TotalFusion of traditional and new movement styles. Designed to re-energize and re- define the fitness class as we know it, TotalFusion will change the way you think about movement.

Each location hosts five different fully-equipped fitness studios, with over 32 different class types and 120 different classes times including yoga, Pilates, barre, cycling and barefoot functional fitness, as well as a range of dynamic new movement classes exclusive to TotalFusion.

At TotalFusion, we believe in movement as a way of life. Are you ready to join our tribe?

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Our range of Yoga-based classes combine traditional and new movement techniques across a range of styles, including vinyasa and aerial, in both hot and cool studios. Align your mind and body in our unheated YinYoga class or challenge your strength, mobility and endurance with a Hot-TotalFlow session. Maximise self-awareness in our 30-minute guided Meditation class, designed to support all skill levels. After something more challenging? Be ready to sweat it out and push past your limits with our 60 minute Hot-PowerHour!