Will I be my Valentine?

“Do you want to meet the love of your life?
Look in the mirror!”

– Byron Katie

With Valentine’s Day here and romance in the air, it’s understandable we would focus on our feelings of love for others and how much we are loved back by them. This Valentine’s Day, I invite you to consider the concept of loving yourself.

What would it be like if you simply devoted the next year to loving yourself more? Being gentle with yourself, to forgive yourself more readily? How would this impact your life, your relationships, your career and leisure time? How would it look and feel if every decision you made was based on your unconditional love for yourself?

To embark on a journey back to the inherent self-love you were born with. In Rumi’s words, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

“To love ourselves is the beginning of a life-long Romance”

– Oscar Wilde

For so many of us, the very idea of self-love conjures up thoughts of vanity and selfishness. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. In order to love others, we need to be able to love ourselves. To be able to properly care for others, we need to first ensure we are being properly cared for ourselves. It is only when we have our own unconditional love and self-compassion, that we do not need to search for positive reinforcement and validation from external sources, and we can fully live our true life’s purpose, standing confidently and humbly in our power.

In her research, Dr. Kristen Neff found that the biggest reason people aren’t self-compassionate is that they are afraid they’ll become self-indulgent. They believe self-criticism is what keeps them in line. Most people have gotten this wrong because our culture says being hard on yourself is the way you should be.

Self-love is often confused with self-worth. Self-worth is dependant on external circumstances or self-judgement. Your self-worth can fluctuate according to what is happening in your life, moment to moment, day to day, year to year. It can vary according to what you have, or don’t have, your ability to do a certain thing, or be a certain way. It can be easily influenced by other people’s opinions, even if they are not congruent to your own. Whereas self-love remains constant, regardless of what you may or may not have, whether you have achieved your goals or not, and irrespective of what others think or say about you. Your self-love is not at the mercy of the inevitable highs and lows of life. Self-worth is conditional, whereas self-love is unconditional.

Self-love is asking yourself what you need – every day – and then making sure you receive it. This may not always be what you want. A parent who loves their child will feed them fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables, even when the child is screaming for ice-cream. They do this, as we all know, because the child will not be healthy only eating ice-cream, even when it takes a lot of effort (believe me, it would be much easier just giving them the ice-cream!) We need to do the same with ourselves – know your goals, your ambitions and, even if it takes more effort, and is incredibly challenging sometimes, do what it is you know will lead you to success – this is self-love. And just as a child grows into an adult and is grateful, upon looking back, that their parents made the effort and showed their love by ensuring they ate well, you too will look back and feel gratitude for all that you did to ensure you were successful in your endeavours.

Demonstrate love by giving it unconditionally to yourself. And as you do, you will attract others into your life who will love you without conditions.




We are all familiar with the saying “You are what you eat”. We know that the food we ingest is what goes toward making every cell in our body. It is what fuels us, giving our body energy for activity, digestion, thinking, repairing, for every single process our body undergoes.

So what does it say about our opinion of ourselves if we abuse our body and have no regard for the food we eat? Each time you make a choice of what food you are going to consume, you are making a statement – ‘I am grateful for my body and love who I am’, or ‘I neglect my body’s needs and am not showing love for myself right now’.

We are all vibrational beings. Every cell in our body is resonating at various frequencies. A person who is unhealthy, unwell, depressed, or compromised in some way will be vibrating at a lower frequency than someone who is vital, healthy, happy, passionate or the ultimate in high vibratory energy, enlightened. The food we eat also has a vibration and is an excellent way, along with exercise and meditation, to elevate the frequency with which our body is vibrating. Fresh, organic, local and seasonal foods and spring water (with no added chlorine and fluoride) are high vibratory foods, along with organic herbs (such as those you will find in our tonics – Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Astragalus, Maca, He Shou Wu, Gynostemma – just to name a few).

The foods to avoid due to their low vibration are processed and chemically laden food (most packaged food) Tap water (at the very least invest in a water filter) Sugar and alcohol (Sorry!). Not only do these foods have low vibration, but they have very little nutritional value plus they place stress on your body as it is quite challenging for the body to filter and eliminate. So, essentially, a lot of hard work for no reward!


The way we move is not only a reflection of our self-love, but it can also enhance our ability to love ourselves!

Our posture, the way we hold ourselves, is very influential to how we feel about ourselves. It can demonstrate to others how we are feeling – if we hang our heads, eyes down and shoulders slouching, it indicates that we are feeling negative, lacking confidence, we may be ashamed, feeling guilty, unworthy, sad. This posture will also exacerbate these feelings which will only cause us to feel these emotions more acutely or, if habitual, could become chronic. Correct posture, standing or sitting tall, erect, open, proud, are all congruent to feeling positive about yourself and the world around you.

An athlete who has excelled will stand on the podium with chest lifted, shoulders back, even as open as having arms extended to the heavens – this shows us their elation, happiness, ecstatic, and pride. If we can emulate this posture, it can lead us toward feeling these feelings, even without the external circumstances of success.

Recent research has shown that your posture even affects your longevity.
Physical activity is well known for it’s myriad of benefits to our health physically, mentally and emotionally. Choosing movement every day is a gesture of self-love. Whether it’s high intensity, mind-body, stretching, calming, simple, complicated or meditative, it is all medicine to your whole self. Whether you choose to walk the dog, hike in nature, train for your chosen sport, or committing to a variety of classes here at Total Fusion – starting a regular yoga practice, Pilates, cycle, run, playing tennis with friends, shooting hoops down at the park, or ultimately, a smorgasbord of all of the above and more.

A variety of movement will enhance your ability to love yourself and feel good about all that is happening in your world, due to the endorphins released while doing this, as well as the physical improvements exercise promotes. Sharing your exercise experience with others promotes strong connections which is another basic human need we all need to meet, so further highlights the benefits of our movement regime.


This is mostly in relation to self-talk. Yes, it’s important to speak to others in a way that demonstrates your self-respect, however, it’s the way you speak to yourself that has the most impact on your overall well-being.

So how do you talk to yourself?
What is it you regularly tell yourself?
Is it along the lines of ‘I’m too fat’, ‘I’m hopeless/stupid/unloveable?’, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘who do I think I am?’

If or when you find yourself talking harshly to yourself, try and practice self-compassion This means relating to yourself kindly, encouraging rather than harsh negative talk – like the way we would talk to our good friends. Also, try and practice mindfulness – being with what is in the Present Moment. Oftentimes we aren’t even aware of our own suffering as it’s usually coming from our own harsh criticism that is so habitual we do not even realise it is happening. So be gentle and kind in the way you talk to yourself.


“Love yourself. Enough to take the actions required for your happiness. Enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to sort a high standard for relationships. Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner. Enough to forgive yourself. Enough to move on.” – Steve Maraboli

*Be uniquely you.
The most important action you can take toward loving yourself unconditionally is to be authentic. To accept yourself as you truly are, which means valuing your imperfections as well as your perfections. We can all tend to get caught up in today’s world with how things look on the surface, the physical appearance of something. This only leads to constant judgement of ourselves in comparison to others – and unfortunately, all too often, in our own minds, we come up lacking. The idea that “if they are good, I mustn’t be”, or “if they are right, then I am wrong” is a concept that can only lead to dissatisfaction.

True beauty means to be yourself – your very individual, unique, maybe quirky self. You do not need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
So, listen to your inner-voice, acknowledge how it is you truly feel about every aspect of your life, and make choices that are congruent to your following your passion, your joy, and your bliss in all aspects of your life; relationships, career, leisure time, spirituality.

*Nurture yourself.
This could look very different for us all. For some, to nurture yourself would mean enjoying a massage or spa treatment, others curling up on the sofa with a good book. It may be finding time to watch Netflix, getting out in nature, sleeping in, a day at the beach, visiting friends/family, taking dancing/singing lessons, learning a musical instrument/another language, the list is endless. What brings you joy? What does your soul cry out for you to do? The important thing here is to own it. Love it. Enjoy it. Without the need to justify to yourself or others why you have done this.

“A healthy self-love means we have no compulsion to justify to ourselves or others why we take vacations, why we sleep late, why we buy new shoes, why we spoil ourselves from time to time. We feel comfortable doing things which add quality and beauty to life.” – Andrew Matthews

*Love yourself enough to set boundaries.
Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.

*Create good daily habits/rituals.
Small, seemingly insignificant lifestyle changes that are conducive to you becoming the person you aspire to be. Just because we love ourselves unconditionally, and are compassionate to ourselves, doesn’t mean we are not striving to grow and improve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. On the contrary, it’s BECAUSE you love yourself that you take action and make the effort to do those things required to achieve your goals/dreams. Again, this will be a very individual thing, so research and learn what it takes to improve in whichever direction you wish to head in and commit to it.

Physically – could be implementing a morning ritual of drinking lemon water/ginger tea/spring water/apple cider vinegar upon waking. Committing to an exercise regime, oil pulling/dry skin brushing/bouncing every morning to assist with detoxing, avoiding computer/phone screens 1hr before bed/finish eating 3hrs before bed to encourage a better night’s sleep.

Mentally – Commit some time each day for further education, allocate time each day to read, allow time for rest/mindfulness/meditation each day.

Emotionally – Begin to journal your thoughts and feelings (sometimes just writing these down eases the worry that you have about a situation) Practice Gratitude daily, experiment with EFT (emotional freedom technique/tapping) daily, making time each day to nurture relationships,

Spiritually – Practice yoga daily (also, take yoga off your mat – there are 8 limbs to yoga and Asana (physical postures) are just one of these. Studying the philosophy of yoga is a beautiful way to grow your spiritual health) Take time for contemplation/reflection daily

The trick is to make small change/additions and progress from there. Be gentle and forgiving toward yourself – this in itself is practicing self-love. We are our own true best friend, all too often we become our own worst enemy. Simply being aware of our tendency to criticise ourselves, or put ourselves down is a giant step toward eradicating that habit and, in its place support and encourage ourselves.

Some of my favourite books on this topic:
The Gift’s of Imperfection – Brene Brown
Loving What Is – Byron Katie
The Mindful Self -Compassion Workbook – Kristen Neff & Chris Germer

– Michelle McNiece

Make room for this healthy shroom

Mushrooms that can fight cancer, boost immunity, improve liver function and help cope with stress? Reishi Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years due to their amazing healing capabilities. Studies have shown that reishi mushrooms have antioxidant abilities which support the bodies defenses against cancer, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, allergies, infection and much more. Find out how you can incorporate these into your daily life to boost the nutritional content of your favourite meals and beverages.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ganoderma lucidum (commonly known as reishi) is considered a spiritual herb, one of the top Taoist herbs believed to nourish our ‘shen’- the spiritual essence of our being. It has been revered as one of the most sought-after and powerful tonics in TCM with the ability to relax the nervous system, calm the mind and induce a state of relaxed focus.

Reishi Mushroom is packed with antioxidants and contains many health promoting compounds. As an ‘immune-modulator” reishi has the ability to bring the body back to its natural state and regulate the activity of the immune system. However, the actions are not limited here and reishi has been shown to regulate many cellular functions of the body in numerous body systems.

Reishi can help restore hormonal balance within the body due to the plant compounds acting as precursors to hormones. Studies have shown medicinal mushrooms including reishi have the ability to fight cancer by inhibiting tumor formation and blocking the growth and spread of cancer cells whilst increasing immune function. Reishi has been shown to have hepatoprotective (liver protective) effects on acute liver damage due to being so high in antioxidants. Reishi can help lower inflammation within blood vessels and arteries which may improve high blood pressure. Furthermore, it can help improve circulation, lower and high cholesterol levels. Reishi helps prevent allergies and histamine reactions which are associated with asthma and therefore can be used as an effective asthma treatment. As a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, reishi can help protect against infections as well as reduce pain and fight fatigue.

It is safe to say this amazing mushroom does it all!

With a slightly bitter and earthy taste, reishi mushroom powder can be stirred into hot water or plant milk for an instant tea or tonic, it can be added into broths or soups, mixed into curries and is a great addition to your morning coffee to keep that buzz constant and stable throughout the day. You can find reishi mushroom in our popular Reishi Cappucino, Super Immunity and Herbal Hot Chocolate tonics at the Refuel Bar. We use semi-wild duanwood-grown, dual-extracted red reishi mushroom powder sourced from China’s Dabie Mountains to ensure the quality is high in order to gain optimal benefits. Perfect for a morning pick-me-up after your favourite workout or post-yoga in the evening to bring on a state of calmness and encourage restful sleep.

Why the Kettlebell is King

When it comes to training equipment, there isn’t much that can rival the Kettlebell for the effectiveness and variety which it provides. If you don’t want to spend hours at the gym on stationary pieces of equipment, or you are looking to overcome and add some excitement into your workout, the Kettlebell may be your answer. Kettlebells have been around since the 18th century, and are starting to become more and more popular as people discover the amazing benefits.

No matter what exercise you perform with the Kettlebell, the offset nature of the equipment requires you to perform the exercise with stricter form. So no matter what movement you are completing, whether it be a traditional squat or overhead press to more unique exercises to the Kettlebell such as swings or snatches, you will use more muscle activation with each repetition than you would with traditional equipment. It’s this aspect of the Kettlebell which makes it the ultimate training tool. If you are handed a Kettlebell, just 15 to 20 minutes of work can provide an intense workout that lights you up from head to toe.

Tim Ferris, New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Body, profiled a mother of two who lost more than 45 kilograms using a Kettlebell. He documented, “Beyond fat loss, this movement will help build a superhuman posterior chain, which includes all the muscles from the base of your skull to your Achilles’ tendons. For maximum strength and sex appeal in minimal time, the posterior chain is where you should focus. From “violent hips” for power sports, to the perfect rear for aesthetics.”

It doesn’t take too much time to learn the technique needed to use a Kettlebell, making this suitable for beginners all the way to athletes. As you develop better technique and refine your movement you are able to lift heavier for longer and the results you can see and feel with be incredible. Whatever your fitness goal, the Kettlebell will be able to help you achieve this, and fast! Whether you are wanting to increase muscle mass and core strength or would like to improve your cardio and burn fat, you can achieve both with this one tool!

Whether you are wanting to add in some variety to your training with a Kettlebell or complete a total Kettlebell workout, your body and mind will thank you for it.

Why We Yoga

With the information overload that we all suffer from – the flooded news feeds, the overloaded inboxes – we often find it hard to make sense of a lot of what we do. Often we do, simply because. For many, that’s the case with yoga. We’re not quite sure why we do it, and yet we do. On the other hand, there’s also many who don’t do yoga because they’re not clear on the benefits. This post is for both camps.

So, why do we do yoga, or why should we?

Well, there’s a long list of reasons, but let’s start with two of the most basic.

1. .Increased flexibility

The practice of yoga is designed to help us reconnect with our bodies – and minds – through a variety of exercises (also known as poses). Practically all of the yogic poses have a stretching component to them; they cause us to move our bodies in ways we don’t tend to, improving our mobility, and therefore, our movement. Improving our ability to move obviously has some super practical benefits – like making it easier to get around and do the things we need to do day-to-day – but it’s also hugely therapeutic, both mentally and spiritually. After all, the body/mind distinction is a false divide – they’re both parts of the same whole. Improve one and you invariably improve the other.

2. Connection to the present

“Presence” is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days. While it might sound a little esoteric, a little “woo-woo”, it’s basically just the idea of living in the moment – breaking free from the past and ceasing our neurotic obsession with the future in order to focus on what really matters: the here and now. In the frantic, and increasingly digital world in which we live, presence is something that we’ve lost touch with. Yoga is an extremely powerful form of mindfulness practice – a means of connecting with the present moment, of way of paying attention to the moment. In helping us connect with the present moment, the practice of yoga bestows many physiological benefits – from alleviating anxiety, to reducing symptoms of depression, improving memory and focus, and much much more. It simply makes our minds a better place to live.

In future posts, we’ll explore other, more specific, benefits of yoga, as well digging into the biological mechanisms that underpin them. In the meantime, head into one of our classes to experience the powers of yoga for yourself.

Make March Mindful

Our desire is to ensure that each class brings more mindfulness to your day, your workout and your lifestyle. From cycle to meditation we know that most people understand that Energy Flows where Attention Goes, so we try to bring that to life in each of our classes.

Every class in our studios begins with an intention ritual. Setting an intention can help drive focus and benefit to your hour of movement and for many, can set the scene for a more powerful transformation. Our instructors are here to guide you to a place of harmony both inside and outside of your body and no matter the intensity, the intention ritual sets the scene for what is to come for you.

With many of our classes being held in a heated environment, your transformation relies on your intention and presence on your mat and in the class. Most would agree, when participating in a fusion class, there is no room to be dreaming of what your next meal will be, so give yourself permission to show up fully and completely – it may be tough but worth it.

We believe that gratitude is a key component to living a healthy life in body, mind and soul which is why each class finishes with a small gratitude moment; for yourself, for your space and for the others that you share the class with.

To encourage and celebrate a more Mindful March – we invite you to try our Mindful Triathlon. Complete a Yoga, Fusion and Cycle class within 7 days and enter your name with our team at reception to WIN a TotalFusion Voucher for $250 . The mindful triathlon is open to members and non-members for the Month of March.

Non-members can register their details for their 3 visit pass here:

Members can register their details for the Mindful Triathlon here

Simply get started in March and book into your classes via the app or reception. Ensure that you let the team know when you have completed all 3 classes within 7 days of each other and you will go into the draw to WIN.

We look forward to seeing you on the bike and your mat and would love to hear your stories on how you are making your March more Mindful.

Sweat Smile Repeat

One of the secret weapon’s at TotalFusion are our Hot Fusion classes, for some they can take time to adjust to, however once you go hot, you’ll never go back.

The classes are designed to give you a total fusion of all the elements that sit behind traditional and modern movement practices; strength, heart rate, balance, mobility and mindfulness. With the addition of heat and humidity the classes demand that you are present in body and mind and reward you with a faster transformation.

There are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your hot Total Fusion Classes and feel fantastic afterwards:

  • Make sure that you are well hydrated before you get to the studio – attempting a heated class when you are dehydrated is challenging.
  • Arrive in the room 10 minutes early so that you have time to adjust to the temperature of the room before the class starts.
  • Go at your own pace – only you know your body and how it’s feeling, respect yourself and your fitness and do whatever it takes do to feel good during your class.
  • Let the instructor know it’s your first time in the room so that they can support you on your journey.

Every body is different, some people will adjust to the heat quickly and for others it takes a few times. For most people it can take 3-4 classes to get used to the heat and about 6-7 classes to see a big transformation in your fitness and shape.
Here are some guidelines to our signature heated classes to help you pick the right class every time:

  • Yoga Sculpt – hot Yoga fused with strength and HIIT training, with the fundamentals of Yoga and it’s movements, the class is fused with Kettlebells, Dumbbells and bands to 10x your Yoga and Fitness. The room is 35 degrees with 35% humidity
  • Barefoot Bootcamp – this is a Total Fusion of our hot fitness offering and is one of our signature classes, take your strength and cardio training and fuse it with yoga and Pilates. This class is 70% fitness and 100% effort. The room is 35 degrees with 35% humidity
  • Barre Sculpt – hot barre movements with added strength and HIIT training, using the micro movements of barre training with the added elements of strength and interval training this class is designed to give you the slow burn in your muscles and the hot burn in your body. The class is 35% with 35% humidity
  • Pilates Sculpt – your hot Pilates class is fused with kettlebells, bands and cardio while using Pilates as a base for your activation this is not your ordinary mat pilates class ~ we add the heat and intensity so you can feel the changes. The room is 35 degrees with 35% humidity
  • Total Fusion Signature ~ this is hot fitness at it’s best, you’ll use ropes, bells, suspension and balls and HIIT training to challenge your strength and agility. The room is 32 degrees wit no humidity added.
  • Rope and Bells – Yes, this is a hot class, adding heat will take your strength and fitness to a new level, we like to fuse some yoga and mindfulness into this class to keep it real. The room is 32 degrees with no humidity

All these classes are barefoot and grounded on the yoga mat, we also recommend using a yoga towel to maintain stability and keep your feet dry.

As always, our friendly team are there to support you on the journey to making each experience a great one.


The 101 on CO2

With every breath, we give our bodies a fresh burst of oxygen which rushes through our bloodstream to all the areas where it’s needed, especially our heart and muscles when we exercise. We all know that when we breathe in, oxygen is absorbed and when we breathe out, carbon dioxide is expelled.

Now, imagine you’re in a room full of people. Very quickly, the pure oxygen in the air will reduce, and you’ll be inhaling more carbon dioxide than oxygen which can cause you to feel light-headed and dizzy.

This is not ideal when you’re trying to find your flow in your yoga practice or push your limits in a functional fitness class.

Most studios rely on basic radiant or infrared systems which are inexpensive and easy to maintain, these systems use a closed-loop recycling process which means that during a class, the air is becoming more and more dense with carbon dioxide, which is not good.

With our focus being on creating not only a beautiful space but the innovation to bring to life training and technology in unique ways, we felt that it was important to invest the time, research and money into ensuring that our members are always breathing clean, fresh, oxygen rich air.

We have fitted out our studios with high tech, state-of-the-art ultra violet, temperature control systems which work on an open loop, so that filtered oxygen is continuously circulated into the studios.  The oxygen purity is what will detoxify your body, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised after a great class, even the hottest ones.

The UV light works to remove bacteria, germs, viruses, toxins and odours from the air, making it the cleanest, most purified air that you’ll breathe all day.  It’s better for you and will give you a much better workout.

Try one of our hot or warm classes and feel the difference.

Time to Sweat it and Get it

We believe that good things come to those who SWEAT which is why our awesome heated studios have become so addictive for our members. You haven’t tried warm until you’ve tried one of our FUSION classes so get ready to sweat out the holiday season and kick your new year goals into shape.

With everything from your Hot Total Barre to your Hot Barefoot Bootcamp and Hot Power Yoga, there’s something here for everyone who’s ready to turn up the heat and sweat it out.
It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure that you get your sweat on. If you are wondering why you would bother, here are some hot reasons to get moving and embrace the sweat:

  • Sweating helps your body to fight the baddies and reduce inflammation while boosting immunity
  • Sweating help your body to heal wounds and release toxins ~ it’s your body’s own natural antibiotic
  • Sweating creates a happy place for your brain by boosting endorphins and lowering stress hormones
  • Sweating improves your strength, stimulates the health of your organs and even speeds up recovery
  • Sweating makes you smile – just check the faces of our members after a hot class for proof.

It’s true that some people find sweating an effort and even a little bit unpleasant at first, but the benefits are worth getting hot and sticky over.

Check out our range of classes and let us know your favourite hot class.

Bare it all with Barefoot Training

Have you looked down at your feet lately? And really admired them? They are the most powerful piece of fitness equipment you will ever own. Barefoot training is hitting movement studios around the globe.

Throwing your shoes to the wind has a long list of benefits… but here are some of the main reasons we recommend embracing your bare feet (and come visit us!):

  1. Improved muscle strength

Believe it or not, a quarter of the bones in your body are found in your feet – who would have thought! These bones, and their associated muscles, are vital to your overall body movement and nerve activation. Sadly, shoes prevent increased activation of intrinsic foot muscles, meaning that when you’re wearing them, the muscles in your feet aren’t working very hard to keep you balanced. This is the opposite of what we need!

Barefoot training forces your feet to work harder to keep you balanced, making you stronger and fitter. It’s not just about your foot muscles though, it’s your legs too. When barefoot, they are able to move more freely and your Achilles tendons are able to stretch, lengthen, and loosen – which will help reduce all of those annoying niggles and injuries!

So really, how could you possibly stress and obsess over having the latest trainers when the benefits of being barefoot are that clear!

  1. Posture and balance

Something you may not know is that when you train barefoot, the neuromuscular connections between your brain and feet are heightened. This leads to quicker brain-muscle response times, and the activation of more muscles along the way.

It helps your muscles and joints work more effectively in order to reduce chronic pain and injuries, and will help increase your flexibility and improve your breathing also – bonus!

When we think of the ancient art of reflexology, all of the acupuncture points and meridian lines sit in the soles of our feet… So, no offence to the eyes, but it seems like feet might just be the true windows to the soul. Without your shoes, you are able to activate smaller muscles in your feet, ankles, legs and hips – which all work together to help improve your posture and balance.

  1. Feel grounded

Take a deep breath and imagine you’re at the beach, peacefully digging your feet into the sand on a warm summer’s day… Barefoot training can make every day feel as relaxing as a vacation, by helping to keep you grounded and connected with the environment around you.

Research shows that bare feet gives you an immediate sensory response from the ground. With no distortion from wearing shoes, this sensory information is as natural and pure as it can be.

Having your feet connected to the ground will improve your body’s inflammatory response and will balance the electrical charges… which you will be happy to know calms the nerves, reduces blood pressure and stimulates the healing process throughout the body.

So as strange as it may feel to part with the security of your fave trainers, pedicure or not try kicking off your shoes to give your body the best chance at health and wellness. Are you with us?

Keen for better results? FUSE your training!

With fitness trends changing in the blink of an eye, it can be hard to find one that sticks. Most of us have been through a ‘phase’ with fitness, and this can come down to a number of factors.  Perhaps you didn’t enjoy the fitness style you chose, maybe the recovery took too long, maybe you didn’t get the results you were after. Either way, the secret to good results, a healthy body and a balanced mind is finding a practice that you love.  Something that you can’t live without. They say you can’t please everyone but fusion training might just be the exception to that particular rule!

Created on the principle of ‘everyday movement’, fusion training is predominantly barefoot and combines the modalities of eastern and western training styles. It’s the idea that movement is and should be a ‘way of life’. Humans have lived by way of movement from the beginning of time; from hunter gatherers, to roman gladiators and Olympians. As a species we were built to move! So why have we let the stress of modern-day life win over our health and well-being?

These days, a HIIT class every fortnight isn’t enough for us to thrive – we need to get back to our fundamental beginnings, and move daily. At TotalFusion, it’s our goal to re-introduce this principle, by encouraging our members to experience fusion training and try their hand at something a little bit different. Something that we know will stick.

Fusion training combines the mindfulness, mobility and balance of an eastern style of training with the heart rate, strength and intensity of a western style of training. This integration brings the best of both worlds to your workout, by appealing to your body and mind.

The benefits of this east-meets-west training style are countless. Each class will leave you with a refreshed body and a clear mind to tackle everyday life. Forget about choosing between yoga and a functional training, you can do both. All of our classes incorporate a component of east and west, combining cardio and balance.

By blending the elements of earth, air, fire and water, fusion training can have an extremely positive affect on each and every person. Through barefoot exercise, you are able to actively use the ground to connect yourself with the earth and other elements. Similarly, heated workouts offer the opportunity to expand the mind, as they use mental fortitude as well as physical stamina.

Integrating eastern and western training styles means twice the workout in half the time – making a fusion training workout like no other. Addictive, empowering and refreshing, a TotalFusion class is sure to leave you feeling more human than ever.

Keen to learn more? Give us a call or visit totalfusion.com.au to claim your foundation membership!